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  • The Cure
  • House of OG's
  • Herbal Legend
  • Ulta Exotics Collective
  • House of Cannabis
  • Inferno Meds
  • Lemon Grove Wellness
  • West Main Wellness
  • Green Depot
  • Lakeside Healing
  • ​The Healing Center
  • Medi Mart
  • Downtown Wellness
  • ​Lucky Greens
  • Mission Gorge Medical
  • ​Green Orchard

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When you garden flowers, fruits, or veggies Hydroponics is the way to go...  reliable and trusted hyroponics supplies makes for a Happy Garden :) Thanks Guys :)

  • The Holistic Cafe
  • SouthWest Patient Group
  • The Wax Room
  • La Mesa Greens
  • Canna Land
  • Exotic Strains
  • Green Nature Collective
  • High Society
  • Cloud 9
  • Exotic Meds
  • Lakeside Greens
  • Apothekare
  • Torrey Holistics
  • Harbor Collective
  • A Green Alternative 
  • ​The Healing Center
  • Show Grow
  • Outliners Collective
  • Mankind Collective
  • Sustainable Theraputics
  • The Emerald Courtyard
  • The Tree Club
  • Elevated Greens
  • El Cajon VIP Meds
  • GC Petals 
  • Cannabis Cup Collective
  • The Chula Vista Clinic
  • Green Lady 
  • Green Life
  • The Grove Collective
  • IMP30
  • Greener Side Welleness


Puffin N Politics ​​ provides Reviews on just about everything. These reviews assistance many when making choices about spending, travel, hospitality, medical,Medicinal, and much more.

Many websites have their own employees complete reviews just to sell a product. Here I provide true experience from a real person.

  • Products
  • Services
  • Travel
  • Hospitality
  • Medicinal Outlets
  • Entertainment
  • Books
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  • Events

My Favorite Hydroponics shops

  • Five Star
  • Broadway Greens
  • Green Giant CO-OP
  • BLVD Greens
  • Lime Light Collective
  • House of Strains
  • ​Khalif Kollective
  • ​Khalif Lounge
  • Exclusive Exoitcs SD
  • Kush Mart
  • Legendary Meds
  • North Park Collective
  • VIP Meds
  • The Grasslamp of NP
  • Bank of Dank
  • Pot of Gold
  • Aztec Healers

*** Licensed medicinal Network in San Diego, CA (HERE)

All medicinal outlets in San Diego, CA are not licensed... For many different reasons. Many of these outlets have been here for us from the begining putting their everything on the line to save lives please dont ever forget that... This relm was created from LOVE...

There are also Dollar Demons out there be carful... keep us informed share your experience and or complaints (HERE) 

The Absolute Best Patient Experience 

San Yi Sidro, CA 

Rating ****** (6 Stars)


Medicinal  Reviews

Reviews done base on actual experience want to see your products here... CLICK HERE ​

Reviews by  ​Puffin N Politics/TEEM

Medicinal outlet reviews are a true benefit to the disability community many establishments claim to be medical outlets yet they have nothing to support the patient community. true medical/medicinal outlets ​put thought and compassion into their establishments. providing the much needed services to offer aide to those with disabilities such as: wheelchair accessability, seating, handicap bathrooms, truthful product knowlegde, qualified sales persons, N quality products.  

  • Mr. Smiley
  • GC
  • Firehouse Wellness
  • Premier x Flight Club
  • All Star Meds
  • Exotic on Imperial
  • True Meds
  • ​Chula Vista Wellness
  • Kings Reserve
  • Exclusive Alternative
  • Herbal Lust
  • Green Daddy
  • ​Timeless Healing
  • Green Gopher
  • Trinity Healers
  • Pure Meds

This is the world wide web and well lets be honest products don't sell themselves... However honest knowledge  of your purchase experience is crucial to so many...

Money is hard to come by so when it comes to spending a budget means everything. When I see ads with bells and whistles I share them with the world...

This outlet allows me to  stay true and share love with others that experience 

medical N Physical challenges, chronic pain N disabilities...  

I Represent Truth, Love, Honesty N Respect...

Medicinal Alternative Outlets with reviews in San Diego City N San Diego County

  • Empire
  • Green Fellas
  • Star Buds Collective
  • Royal Kush
  • 29 Grams
  • St. Lukes EMS
  • Kush Paradise
  • Le Mesas Finest
  • Power Plant
  • Kush Paradise
  • Diamond Collective
  • Pacific Highlife
  • Hemp Meds
  • Exotic OG's