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Theresa E Edwards-Mize 1st Medical Cannabis Patient 
Approved for Bariatric Surgery at
The UCSD Center for Treatment of Obesity
in San Diego, CA
By the World renowned:

Dr. Santiago Horgan, MD

UCSD Team: Center for Treatment of Obesity (619) 471-0701


My Journey began in Harlem, New York

December 21, 1966

I received my early education in the New York City.  being a Military Dependent I attended high school and collage abroad. 

I am the fourth of five siblings maturnally and the sister of many in the cycle of life .

I have always been unique N inspired to help others since childhood bringing home the homeless for a bath, clothes N a hot meal to feeding the neighborhood stray animals. I have always believed that love is the answer.

I am Happily Married with a Beautiful Family

I am unique with a creative energy I am an inventor, I create N design, on many levels.

I absolutly love  Cooking, Art, Arts N Crafts, Travel, Inventing, Gardening, Geeking, Gaming, Survival, Self Defence, Martial Arts, The Range, Nature and being self sufficiant.  

 I have traveled 3 of our 7 contenants  I am on a mission to travel them all. I have called many places home… Thanks to The US Military

I explored some acting I played the roll off Annie an Irish maid from the early 1920’s at The Community Actors Theater here in San Diego, CA under the Direction of the Awesome Mrs. Jeannie Hamilton.

 I was even nominated for an Aubrey Award due to an outstanding performance. that blew my mind lol

 I am an Activist N hold passions for many world issues.

Founder/Owner: Theresa E Edwards-Mize 

​Logo Design / Website: Theresa E Edwards-Mize

Video Editing: Theresa E Edwards-Mize​ 

Radio Host: Theresa E Edwards-Mize

News, Reviews N Interviews Theresa E Edwards-Mize

People always wanna know who you are???... LOL I am Deep,Warm N Passionate Sista from New York... I am here doing me

I share Truth, Respect N Knowledge...

I support Medicinal Alternatives. I deal with daily health challenges and what... am I suppose to dry up and complain for the rest of my life hahahah you go me twisted I am a Worrior, hunter gather type no birds here hahahha Brooklyn Baby... 

I have accomplised a few things in life... But that's not why I am here... 

When delt lemons you have to make lemonaide... I am sharing my intrestes and experiences with the world hoping to cross many new paths while continuing my life mission...  

About: Theresa E Edwards-Mize / Puffin N Politics

​​ ***Personal Note... Please Think before you SPEAK***
Don't judge a book by its cover... Don't take a visual health assessment of others and assume to know their struggles and or challenges... Often times having to accept assistance is harder than you can imagine... This goes for Law Enforcement as well. You cannot look at someone and determine their health concerns or needs... Just because I Smile does not mean that I am without Challange or Pain

 Peace Love N Continued Blessings
Theresa E. Edwards-Mize
Founder/Owner Puffin N Politics

Theresa E Edwards-Mize

Puffin N Politics

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